Our Work

We curate and work with materials that are already in rotation; sourced from thrift stores, second-hand fabric shops, vintage collectors, and the odd garage sale. This means that our work demands less from the environment, and extends the life of existing textiles.

We turn these materials into unique clothing, and seek to honour each individual fabric. Our hope is to both to create beautiful pieces with minimal footprint, while embodying a new fashion paradigm; one that values intention, longevity, and care.

Made with Love

Love is reflected in everything we do; from curating reclaimed materials, to developing comfortable, playful designs, to sourcing post-consumer packaging, to offering extended producer responsibility, to our low waste practice. In addition to our existing systems, we are always learning and growing because “sustainability” is a dynamic, life-long practice.

Honeysuckle Gathering X Soft By Juju Collaboration

In 2020, Hannah of Honeysuckle Gathering and Julia of Soft by Juju joined forces to imagine and create a collection of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, hand sewn pieces. Each garment features an original piece of artwork centring the theme Local Native Plants. We chose this theme both to highlight the beauty of these shrubs, flowers, and trees, and to increase plant awareness.

Our hope is that by using our work as a medium to feature these unique plant species, folks who wear and see them will gain an appreciation of our local foliage that will extend into the world. We recognize that we are settlers on these lands and these plants do not belong to us. However, we feel that centring them in our work is one small step towards reaching a more harmonious relationship with nature.


It’s important to us that our stockists share our values around sustainable practices, representation, and integrity. Right now, you can find our work at

Luna Collective in Victoria, BC

Folklore Studio on Salt Spring Island, BC

We’re also considering new stockists, so if you’re interested in working together, we’d love to hear from you!

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