Radically Sustainable

Our work is centred around sustainability in its truest form. We curate and work with materials that are already in rotation; sourced from thrift stores, second-hand fabric curators, dead-stock dealers, vintage collectors, and the odd garage sale. This means that our work demands less from the environment, and extends the life of existing textiles.

We reclaim these materials to make unique clothing, and seek to honour the voice of each individual fabric through our pieces. Our hope that Honeysuckle Gathering both serves as an example of what is possible in the space of up-cycling, but also invites in a new paradigm around fashion; one that values intention, longevity, and care.


Made With Love

We believe that true love requires action, so we’ve made sure our love for the planet is reflected in everything we do; from curating reclaimed materials, to developing simple, timeless, and versatile designs, to sourcing post-consumer packaging, to offering extended producer responsibility, to our low waste policy. In addition to our existing systems, we are always learning and growing because sustainability is a dynamic, life-long practice.

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New Arrivals

Honeysuckle Gathering operates on the unceded land of the sc̓əwaθenaɁɬ təməxʷ (Tsawwassen), W̱SÁNEĆStz’uminus, and Hul’qumi’num first nationscommonly known as Salt Spring Island, B.C.