• Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS
  • Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS
  • Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS
  • Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS
  • Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS
  • Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS

Honeysuckle Gathering

Honeysuckle Vest ~ XS

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Honeysuckle Vest

Size XS

Flat lay measurements:
Shoulder to hem: 15"
across bust: 16.5"

Shown on a Size XS/S model.

100% wool, hand spun, hand knit, and hand dyed in house using coffee and tea scraps to create a warm brown.

The knit allows for some stretch, giving these pieces some flexibility size wise. For most versatile wear, order true to your size, or you can size down if you plan to wear your vest primarily over a bra/fitted top, or size up if you plan to layer your vest over bulkier pieces and like a looser fit and more drape.

This pull-over vest features a high neckline to keep your chest warm (but low enough for a collar to poke out or a necklace to show!), a loose knit for ease and airflow, and of course cropped in length so it sits nicely at the top of your high-rise bottoms, or layered over long tops or dresses. Wool has a way of keeping you the perfect temperature, making these lil bbs the perfect layering piece for shoulder season.

To care for this pieces, wash as sparingly as possible, and only by hand with gentle soap, ideally lanolin soap. When wet, wool knits—especially loose knits like this—are prone to stretching out of shape so its important to lay it flat on a towel to dry, and out of the sun to preserve the colour. On the other hand, if you would like to make your vest slightly wider or longer, you can get it wet, gently wring as much water out as possible, then lay it out in the desired width or length. You may use safety pins to hold the shape by adhering to the towel beneath while drying.

*the wool roving used to make these had been previously purchased by a friend who was looking to pass it on so it happily aligns with our second hand ethic.